Funeral Flowers

Here at Shropshire Flowers we want to provide you with farewell flowers that reflect the personality and memories of your loved one.

We handcraft our funeral tributes with attention to every little detail, we design and make each piece to be 100% compostable, using frameworks of willow or hazel onto which we bind the moss and flowers using twine.

We use our own Garden grown flowers and top up where needed from other very local growers between April – November. We love to use our own flowers where ever possible because growing the best quality flowers is our passion and the scent and beauty of garden grown blooms which have been grown outside in the British weather is incomparable with flowers grown in greenhouses or imported from hotter climates. Our clients always comment on the scent of our funeral flowers, scent evokes memories and this is a really important aspect of our floristry…

During the winter months we continue to use British flowers grown in Cornwall. However for funeral work if your loved one had a particular favourite flower which is at the time of their funeral out of season we will do our best to source these for you so that you can best honour their memory in the way you would wish to. We are also very happy to use flowers picked from their own garden if you feel this would be important to you and can help you in the process or we can come and pick them for you.

We want to make choosing the farewell flowers for your loved one a meaningful and enjoyable process where you can truly reflect on their life through the beauty of flowers given as a final gift and tribute to their life.

Send us an email and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Barber’s pole coffin topper made with all British garden flowers woven onto a handcrafted willow frame. 100% Garden flowers and 100% compostable.
Heart wreath all made with British garden flowers woven onto a handcrafted willow frame. 100% garden flowers and 100% compostable.