In Shropshire, nestled on the Clee Hills, Rebecca and her husband Simon have slowly nurtured a garden from a paddock of overgrown brambles to a floral paradise.

“Our joy is to share the beauty of seasonal garden grown flowers with you. There is something truly romantic, wild and playful about garden grown blooms, the delicious scent of a garden rose filling the air on a summers day, paired with a few stems of mint in a bud vase on the dinner table feels so special, seasonal and fleeting. Flowers are used to mark many milestones in our lives and whether through colour, form, texture, symbolism or scent, memories are awakened time and time again through the beauty of flowers.
We are committed to only using British flowers, where the project allows, our own. Where we need more than we can grow on our small plot, we use other local growers. Always using sustainable gardening practices to work in harmony with the land, the seasons and the creatures that inhabit our garden, we accept that some crops will flourish and some will not, we know that flowers are best when they are completely natural and full of fragrance, movement and individuality. We want to share this passion with you.”

Get in touch with us to discuss all your flower needs. Whether your looking for a grand floral archway, a birthday bouquet, DIY garden flower buckets, a fitting farewell tribute to a loved one? We cant wait to talk with you!

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